Do your research – Versa Spa custom air brush (which give a more natural overall spray) rather than Mystic Tan (which is an older version that gives a less even finish). Versa Spa formulas come in light, medium and dark and are offered in clear or colored consistencies.

Do consider your natural skin tone. The fairer your skin the more you have to be sparse with the spray, so stick with the lightest tint. Darker melanin tones can be a little more aggressive with color, picking medium or dark shades.

Do get other beauty treatments in before your tan. Avoid waxing, facials and massages 24 hours before a spray tan, as oils and other products can act as a barrier between your skin and the tan. Get your manicure and pedicure pre-treatment, as foot and hand scrubs will buff away the tanned layer of your skin for good.

Don’t spray tan more than once a week. You shouldn’t spray more than once every 10 days or once all of your old spray is off. It’s like nail polish. You don’t want to paint over old polish.

Do prep your skin. Before you arrive, shower, shave and exfoliate. If you spray tanned the week prior, exfoliation is extra important. To make sure that all of the spray is off before applying another layer, my ex liked to use Dermasuri Mitt, which exfoliates the skin really well without leaving any residue.

Do wear the right outfit. It is imperative to wear proper clothing because you can disrupt the tanning process if you wear tight clothing. Avoid wearing bras, anything clingy, silk and cashmere fabrics that can easily get stained. Instead wear open-toed sandals and loose, dark clothing.

Don’t soak in water. When it comes to showering in between tans (or soaking in a hot tub) minimize your in-the-water time. For showers, rinse off quickly and use soap only in necessary areas. Do not exfoliate or lather body wash all over.

Do invest in touch-up products. To prolong a spray tan and hold you over until your next treatment, you must invest in touch-up tan products, which you can find at your local New Jersey Soleil Tans.