Five Differences Between UV and Sunless Tanning


When it comes to getting your summer glow ready, you no longer need to lay out by the pool. Between tanning beds and all the types of sunless tanning, you can choose what’s best and more convenient for you. 

However, before you can make that decision, how do you know what’s best? One of the most common questions we get asked is, “What’s the major difference between UV tanning and Sunless tanning?” Well, that’s simple. One uses UV rays (the part of sunlight that tans your skin) while the other uses “chemicals.”

Yet, it’s not quite as simple as that. Today, we’re going to go over the five significant differences sunless tanning and UV tanning have from each other so you can choose what’s best for you. 

One: Method Of Skin Darkening

This one we briefly talked about before. Without a science lesson, you could think about sunless tanning as dying your skin rather than tanning it. On the other hand, UV tanning works just like the sun. You must use an appropriate UV tanning index to darken your skin and keep it safe as well. 

Two: Lasting Time

 The next major difference is how long each will last. Due to skin’s ability to regenerate and heal, no type of tan will last forever. In fact, both types of tanning will result in a tan that lasts from 7 to 10 days from the last application – simply because that’s how long it takes skin to regenerate!

Three: Level of Darkening

Reaching your “ideal shade” can take differing amounts of work, depending on where you start and what method you use. Sunless tanning can get you to the perfect shade in one application. On the other hand, UV tanning could take multiple sessions to get it right. However, each will need to follow up sessions to keep the same level throughout the summer. 

Four: Cost

While we can’t tell you what everyone charges, we can tell you what we offer! If you’re looking for sunless tanning then you can expect unlimited sunless tanning for $59/month. That membership also includes unlimited tanning if a member wants to do both. For single session members pay $20/session, non members pay $40/session.

For UV Tanning memberships range from $24.99 to $89.99 and single sessions range from $10 to $32 dollars (these levels depend on bed types chosen.) Regardless of the price or membershep level that you choose, you will always get the best value at Soleil Tans!


Five: Allergens

If you have allergies or worries about your skin, then think about what each entails. Those with sensitive skin might be better with UV tanning. Those with sun sensitivity or a history of cancer in the family might opt for sunless tanning to reduce risk. 

Choose What’s Best Today

No matter what option you choose, you’ll end up with the perfect shade for your summer self. If you’re still having issues deciding, contact us today. We have offers for both products with our free week of UV  and our half off sunless tanning promotions!

Author : Todd