• iMood

    Let i Mood take you to new tanning heights! Multiple melanin maximizers along with deep bronzing agents work together to achieve deep dark results, leaving you with color superior to anything you have ever tried. Revolutionary cellulite fighters and anti-aging ingredients keep your skin tight and toned, along with tattoo and color fade protectors For a tan that will be the envy of all, get in the Mood!
  • iTropical

    The intoxicating formula of i Tropical will help keep your skin hydrated, toned and tanned! Utilizing the most natural island dark tanning ingredients this bottle of liquid sunshine will allow you to close your eyes, relax and feel like you are already in the tropics.
  • iObsess

    Lust no more... desirable dark results are now within reach with i Obsess! This extreme black onyx bronzer utilizes correcting agents to help develop the perfect color after each session Added Matcha Green Tea, Coconut & Argan Oil, and ultra-slimming caffeine work to energize and revitalize for a more toned, obsessed worthy appearance.
  • iParty

    Take your color to the front of the VIP section with i Party! This revolutionary formula is hand crafted to tan, tone and hydrate while keeping your skin tight, energized and ready to party all night long! Don't let them make Last call on your color - Demand i Party! With i Party, you won't just turn heads...You'll break necks!
  • iBlack 3.0

    Formulated for the tanning connoisseur, i Black 3.0(TM)'s revolutionary aloe based black bronzing formula will bathe the skin in rich hydration, while deep penetrating black bronzers allow for darker, quicker and longer lasting color. Don't settle for anything less that the best, The color you crave is now within reach with i Black 3.0(TM)!
  • iExtend

    For Maintenance and Moisture – i Extend is a MUST! This super soft formula will bathe the skin in deep hydration either after your tanning session, after you shower or anytime your skin needs extra moisture Infused with cutting edge anti-aging, firming agents, tan extenders, cellulite fighters and Diamond Dust for an illuminating glow.
  • iBlack 2

    Our world famous, most sought after product just got even better! i Black2 is a revolutionary black bronzing formula for the tanner who craves it all Deep penetrating black onyx bronzers impart rich dark color, for longer lasting, never before seen results Added NouritanTM Technology will help to break through your tanning plateau achieving the darkest results possible New Biodynes and Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6TM will work to fight free radial damage as well as the formation of wrinkles. Added cellulite fighting, skin firming and anti-aging benefits work overtime to keep your bronzed skin looking healthy and youthful Don’t settle for anything less than the best, demand i Black2.
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    $120.00 $80.00
    It doesn't get more perfect than this! This captivating coconut cream formula infused with Black Onyx Bronzing Technology will transform your flawless glow into rich bronzed color. Our age rewinding formula appears to fight wrinkles, cellulite, fine lines, and skin's pesky imperfections. Let this luxurious, satin perfecting lotion be your secret weapon to skin so perfect, there is no other word besides PERFECTION!
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    $120.00 $80.00
    Some just envision perfect, tanned, chic results We create them i Chic will transform the skin by jump starting the tanning process and allow your own natural color to develop over time Ideal amounts of bronzers will help you achieve a flawless glow, help maintain results, and added Diamond Dust illuminates the skin in imperfection masking benefits.
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    $110.00 $80.00
    The exclusive High Performance Melanocyte Energizer ComplexTM contains a powerful boost of dark tanning agents, skin energizing compounds, body firming complex, paired with a hair growth inhibitor for color you've been waiting for! Our cutting edge ingredients will take your before and after look from now to WOW!
  • iFace

    A classic fan favorite i Face has one up on the competition! High amounts of melanin intensifiers and low dose bronzers for a darker and longer lasting result as well as the best anti-aging, firming and skin tightening technologies on the market to ensure you won’t just turn heads, you’ll break necks.
  • iLegs

    A classic fan favorite i Legs has a leg up on the competition! High amounts of bronzer for a darker and longer lasting result as well as the best anti-aging, firming and cellulite fighting technologies on the market to ensure your legs are tan, rm, and head turning...