Soleil Tans Sun Spa

Elevate your gifting game with the perfect present!

Imagine the smiles and excitement when your loved ones receive your gift. It’s not just about offering them the opportunity to attain a beautifully glo and darker appearance – it’s about granting them the confidence to radiate and conquer whatever comes their way. With the flexibility to choose any amount, these gift cards unlock access to memberships, single visits, and a range of lotions and skincare products. Give the gift that empowers and uplifts – because confidence truly shines through a Soleil Sun Spray and Spa gift card.

Our gift cards are perfect for:

Anyone who needs a little relaxation and rejuvenation
 Mother’s Day
Bridesmaid Gifts
Valentine’s Day
Weddings and Anniversaries
Mother/daughter weekends
Pampering package
Girls’ night