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 Recently I have felt like I can’t catch a minute for myself, nothing stops for me.  The only thought that gets me through my day, passed the reality of work, relationships and life in general, is that if I’m truly lucky, I might find some time to hit the tanning bed.  

Well, luck was had, and I was able to get a full twelve minutes in the Solarix to shut my eyes, and drift off from everything.  Before getting my tan on though, I had to make sure that I was lotioned up.  Why miss out on forty percent more color when I am in the best bed in the industry, with high pressure tanning power for my deepest darkest tan possible.

Rejuvenate, was the perfect choice for this relaxation session.  This lotion most definitely has the power of zen.  The smell of the lavender oil overtook the room, every breath was a little piece of heaven.  Not only does the lavender oil smell great, but it works with caffeine to fight the looks of cellulite, all while tightening and hydrating skin.  As a natural bronzer, it’s safe for any skin type, and this lotion will never leave you feeling streaky.  With antioxidants and new advanced Matrixyl Synth 6, there’s no need to worry about fine lines, or wrinkles because Rejuvenate does just that, it keeps your skin looking and feeling healthy and young!  This little spa in a bottle enhanced not only my relaxation in the Solarix, but it enhanced my tan so deeply, my friends thought I had snuck away to Bora Bora.  I love Rejuvenate, and all it has to offer!  

Any time I need a little R&R I’m grabbing my bottle and hitting the bed. With summer fast approaching I may keep another bottle on hand for when I hit the beach on those rare occasions I get to sink my feet in the sand.  

Happy tanning to all!


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