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How to Prepare for an Airbrush Spray Tan

Airbrush Spray Tan

Getting Ready for Your Spray Tan

The Night Before:

  • Take a shower: Use clear soap and shave your skin if needed. This will get rid of dead skin cells and make your skin smoother.
  • Exfoliate: Use a scrub without oil and an exfoliating glove or mitt. This will remove even more dead skin cells, helping your tan last longer and look more even.
  • Skip lotion and oil: Don’t put anything on your skin after showering, because it can mess with the spray tan solution and make it look uneven or discolored.

The Day Of:

  • Skip perfume and deodorant: These products can also mess with the spray tan solution, so it’s best to avoid them on the day of your appointment.
  • Skip or remove makeup: Don’t wear makeup to your spray tan appointment, or take it off completely before you get sprayed.  If coming from work etc. with make-up we do have wipes or
    you can purchase a PH Balancing Exfoliating Mitt.
  • Choose your outfit: Think about what you’ll wear when you get sprayed. Some people prefer to wear disposable undergarments, while others wear a bathing suit or underwear.
    Also, choose loose-fitting, dark-colored clothes to wear home, as tight clothes can make your tan uneven or streaky.
  • Check the weather: If rain or snow is in the forecast, bring an umbrella and /or hoodie to protect yourself and your tan. No rain… flip flops! Yes rain…Uggs work great!

Extra Tips:

  • Schedule other Appointments Appropriately: Schedule waxing or mani/pedi appointments 24 hours before your spray tan to avoid skin irritation or uneven color.
     If you are getting a manicure or pedicure immediately before your tan, tell them not to use lotion!
  • Pack a Pillow Case: Keep a dark pillow case in your car to sit on during the ride home to prevent transferring color to your car seat.

More Tips:

  • Hydrate:  Hydrate the day of your tan, drink lots of H20!
  • Choose a Soleil Tans Sun Spa as your Salon: We use high-quality products and have experienced staff to guide you.
  • Talk About Your Desired Shade: Inform our staff of your desired shade, from a light, sun filled glow to a deep, dark, bronze.
  • Follow Aftercare Instructions: Follow our instructions for aftercare, such as avoiding water and excessive sweating until your first shower.
  • Visit Soleil Tans Sun Spa Store:  For the Ultimate spray tan results you can purchase your SPRAY TAN NOW!  (click here) then come to any of our Sun Spa locations in Edison, Matawan, Sayreville or Toms River, NJ.  No appointment necessary!


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