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Tattoo Care During Tanning: Protect Your Ink


Tattoo Care During Tanning

Tattoo Care During Tanning: Your Ultimate Guide

If you have tattoos, you’ve made a big choice. You picked a design and found a skilled artist. Tattoos are like fine art: each one is special and meaningful. You want to protect them, right? If you love tanning and spending time outdoors in New Jersey, follow these tattoo care tips to keep your ink vibrant for years!

Tattoo Care & UV Tanning

Protection is Key: Always follow your tattoo artist’s aftercare advice. Don’t expose a healing tattoo to UV light. Once healed, keep it safe from UV rays. These can fade and damage your tattoo quickly. Here are three tips for protecting your tattoo when tanning:

  1. Block the Sun: The sun is bad for tattoos. Use the highest SPF sunblock available. Apply it thoroughly with a cotton swab. You can also cover your tattoo with fabric cut to match its size and shape. Reapply sunblock often if you’re outside a lot.

  2. Avoid Burns: Burns can damage tattoos more than gentle tanning. Always use sunblock outdoors to prevent burns. Indoor tanning at Soleil Tans lets you control exposure times to prevent burns. Sunscreen won’t stop aging but will lessen sun damage.

  3. Moisturize Regularly: Keep your skin moisturized daily, especially after tanning. Additionally, this helps prevent ink loss from flaking skin.

Tattoo Care & Spray Tanning

Worry-Free Alternative: Spray tanning is safer for tattoos. Make sure your tattoo is fully healed first. Spray tans can darken light tattoo colors temporarily. If you dislike it, wipe it off after the session. Protect your tattoo with a barrier cream during the spray tan. Remember, wait until your tattoo is fully healed before any UV exposure or spray tanning.

Enjoy the Sun Without Worry! Follow these tips to enjoy the outdoors and keep your tattoos looking great. Whether under the sun or in a tanning salon, protecting your ink is crucial for its beauty and longevity.

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