Soleil Tans Sun Spa

Spray Tan

Zero to Sexy in 60 Seconds with Automated Spray Tanning!

Picture yourself getting a gorgeous tan without needing the sun. At Soleil Tans Sun Spa, we have an awesome way to make your skin look sun-kissed and amazing. It’s called “Sunless Spray Tanning,” and it’s like a magic trick! This type of tan can make you glow at parties, weddings, vacations, or whenever you want to feel fantastic. It’s also great if you want to kick off or enhance a real tan.

We use a special booth that sprays natural and organic skin care ingredients, it’s an aloe-based automated spray solution made just for Soleil Tans Sun Spa! It’s an all-natural and organic mix that’s good for your skin.

This liquid is like a magic potion that gives you a tan without the sun’s help. Our booth has cool air, so it’s super comfy. While you’re inside, a friendly voice guides you when to move, so you get an even tan all over your body.

Here’s what you’ll love about our spray tan booth:

  1. It makes your skin look perfect and even.
  2. We only use natural, organic, cruelty free and vegan tanning liquids that are good for you.
  3. The booth has a special air system to keep the spray from floating around.
  4. There are pictures on the wall that show you how to stand.
  5. After the spray, gentle air makes sure your tan dries nicely.

If you’re not sure how to use the spray tan booth, don’t worry! Our Spa Partners are like wizards always ready to help. They’ll show you:

  • Where to put lotion so your knuckles, elbows, and other places don’t get too dark.
  • How to stand in the booth for the spray.
  • How to dry off to avoid streaks.
  • How to wear a cap to protect your hair and avoid the dreaded line across your forehead.

And guess what? They’ll also tell you how to keep your tan looking awesome for as long as possible! So, if you want a tan that’s radiant, come check out our Sunless Spray Tanning at Soleil Tans Sun Spa!