Tanning Should Be Fun and Easy

Take a look at our website at Soleil Tans, and you’ll see pictures of people having fun. That’s by design. It’s not just generic marketing content. It’s a reflection on our philosophy as a business.

Tanning is a unique kind of business – instead of selling a physical product, you’re helping people to look better and feel better, and beat the winter blues – or get ready for a summer beach body! Having a fun environment is a big part of that. When you look at our customer testimonials, you’ll see our office described as friendly and clean – that’s a clue that you found a tanning salon that’s going to be a good environment for your quest toward the perfect tan.

Let’s face it – the days of sitting on top of a hotel with tinfoil on your lap are gone. Tanning provides a controlled environment to get the skin tan that you want without a lot of the risks. Tanning machines are precision equipment – they work in a very specific way for targeted results.

With that in mind, people walking into a tanning salon also want knowledgeable staff. We can help explain equipment and services to you, because we know what we’re talking about. But beyond that, we also understand that tanning is an activity – that it’s more than just booking time in a box.

In addition to fun holiday packages and discounts, you’ll see in a lot more when you enter one of our New Jersey locations. We believe in good skincare and other auxiliary services like teeth whitening, because we understand what a difference these changes can make in somebody’s life. A good tan is something you want to show off! There’s a feeling that you get of inhabiting a new skin – of a new lease on life. It’s exciting, and we like to share in that experience with our customers.

Whether you’re preparing for a wedding or trying to find an alternative to burning your face off on the beach, our tanning services take your comfort and convenience into account – and that’s why a lot of people continue to show up at our offices booking appointments for tanning sessions. Let us show you around – we’re happy to do it – and we think you’ll become one of our regular customers! Check us out in Matawan, Sayreville, or Edison, and ask about our different packages and options, as well as the products we recommend for healthy skin. Tanning – and taking care of your skin – can be fun!