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Month: February 2016


  Positive Effects of  Indoor Tanning: More Than Just Risks?   Remember when it comes to the positive effects of indoor tanning, moderation is key! While excessive tanning can be harmful, there’s more to tanning beds than just the risks. Let’s explore some surprising positive effects you might not know about. UV Light & Vitamin

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Protect Your Eyes While Tanning

Protect Your Eyes While Tanning: It’s a Must! Tanning? Protect your eyes while tanning! It’s a common mistake to skip this step, however, it’s crucial for healthy vision. I used to skip eye protection when I was younger, thinking tan lines looked silly. Now I know better. Fortunately, there are options that prevent “raccoon eyes.”

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NJ Tanning Salon Tips: Escape the Chaos! Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?  No worries, we have some NJ tanning salon tips to help you get started!  You’re not alone!  Life can get pretty crazy sometimes, between work, school, friends, and family.  However, it’s super important to take breaks and do things that help you relax. One

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Get the Celebrity Treatment

Get the Celebrity Treatment: Achieve a Flawless Tan at Soleil Tans with the Norvell Auto Revolution Want to achieve that coveted celebrity glow without the harmful effects of the sun or the hassle of self-tanner? Look no further than Soleil Tans Sun Spa and the revolutionary Norvell Auto Revolution Spray Tan Booth! This cutting-edge technology

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