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Day: May 18, 2020

Is Sunless Tanning Safe from Chemicals?

Getting ready for summer means getting that summer glow. However, this isn’t the 1980s! While you can go lay in the sun, you have more options than ever before. However, in recent (and not so recent) years, tanning at all has actually caused a stir. On the one hand, there are certainly risks involved with

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How to Find Your Summer Shade

Nothing is worse than reaching that perfect summer shade only to put on your makeup and realizing it no longer matches your skin! Luckily, this unexpected date-night disaster can be averted simply by the right know-how and a little planning ahead. Today, we’re going to talk about how to find a summer shade so that

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What is Red Light Therapy?

In the early 1990s, low-level wavelengths of red light became associated with the ability to heal wrinkles, wounds, and scars. This was born a new topic of medical study. Now, Red Light Therapy is found all over – yet exactly what it is, to some, is still a mystery.  What is Red Light Therapy?  Red

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How to Put on Sunscreen (The Right Way)

It might surprise you to know that you probably don’t use sunscreen correctly. Though we’re often told to put it on before we go into the sun, there’s usually no more explanation. That’s why many that use sunscreen end up with a nasty sunburn or even a nice tan after using SPF 50! Today, that

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Five Differences Between UV and Sunless Tanning

  When it comes to getting your summer glow ready, you no longer need to lay out by the pool. Between tanning beds and all the types of sunless tanning, you can choose what’s best and more convenient for you.  However, before you can make that decision, how do you know what’s best? One of

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